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Fueling Your Career in Ad Ops

We understand how vital ad op roles are within the digital space. That’s why our digital recruitment consultants strive to open the right doors to enhance your career, providing meaningful and engaging experiences for our candidates and clients to create a lasting impact. 

Ad operations, or ad ops, involves managing the processes and systems that support the delivery of online advertising. Ad operations specialists oversee the trafficking, delivery, and optimisation of digital ad campaigns for multiple clients and provide detailed reporting on these activities.

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying. This allows for extremely targeted adverts to be served to the consumer across multiple platforms, including Display, Digital Out Of Home, Connective TV, Mobile, and more. 

If you are a problem-solver with exceptional analytical and communication skills, discover the next step in your career. 

Roles in Ad Operations (Ad Ops) and Programmatic are technical and often require knowledge of: 

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • DCM 
  • Flashtalking
  • Demand-side platforms (DSP’s) 
  • Supply-side platforms (SSP’s)
  • DV360, The Trade Desk, OpenX, Xander, Pubmatic

What salary can you expect for a career in ad operations or programmatic trading? 

Salaries in ad operations roles start at around £25,000 - £30,000 and, depending on location and experience, can reach salaries of £80,000 - £100,000+. 

Programmatic Trading and Optimisation roles can have entry salaries of £27,000-£32,000 and those with more than 10 years' experience earning £100,000+

Bonuses aren't a given with these roles with only 53% receiving a bonus in 2022. 

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