A man in a grey polo shirt and a woman in a blue top in a meeting room smiling

Day in the life of a Graduate

All your friends are in recruitment? You still have no clue what they get up to? 

If you read my last post on '6 Common Misconceptions of a Recruitment Consultant', you might be able to guess what's coming next...

So for those who are curious, here's a day in the life of our new starters: 
A man in a grey polo shirt and a woman in a blue top in a meeting room smiling

8:30 In the office for breakfast 

(we work flexible hours so start time changes depending on when people need to leave in the evening) 

  • Marmite on toast
  • Coffee
  • Fresh orange juice 

9:00 Team Meeting 
  • Planning for the day ahead 
  • Setting realistic goals: what clients are you working with? What roles are you hiring for? What candidates are you speaking to?
  • Recruitment is a self-driven role and being responsible for your day is part of that

Brown haired girl sitting on a sofa using her laptop

9:30 Group Training with Jamie (Head of People) 
  • Head upstairs to our training room, typically these are in peer groups 
  • Covering the full recruitment life-cycle; each session covers a specific topic, from how to register a candidate, to how to win new business 
  • It's an opportunity for our graduates to learn another part of the recruitment life cycle but also share their experiences with a peer group that supports one another 

11:00 At the Desk 
  • Calling through candidates that are looking for new roles 
  • This is where our relationships are built - understanding our customers and what they are looking for in their career

13:00 LUNCH 
  • We're based in Covent Garden so there's no shortage of places to eat! 

Three girls sitting on a grey sofa using her laptop

15:00 Desk Shadow 
  • Jamie sits with our graduates, shadowing their phone calls and providing feedback 
  • This is where our graduates get to put their training into practice and be supported in their development 

16:00 Candidate Meeting 
  • We meet with all of our candidates face-to-face! 
  • It's a chance to develop meaningful relationships with our customers and get to understand their job search better 
  • Whether it's in the office or out for a coffee, meeting the people we represent is important 

17:00 At the Desk 
  • Researching clients and area of specialism 
  • Calling and briefing candidates on new job roles 

Brown haired girl in an office using her laptop

18:00 Debrief with Manager 
18:10 Team Drinks! 
  • We have company-wide wrap up's on Fridays which is an opportunity to celebrate both individual and team successes
  • Fridays are also early finishes at Sphere (4 pm!), with money behind the bar on the first Friday of every month! 

Find out what the next few months can look like, HERE

If you're interested in a role in recruitment, then please contact us at

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