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Biddable media jobs involve buying advertising spaces on search engines when specific key words are used, social media and sites with relevant content, through a process of real-time bidding.

Biddable Media Roles

As with many other areas in marketing, companies are beginning to see the value of digital advertising, and as a result, biddable media marketing is growing. Biddable media marketing not only increases customer flow to their content, but also allows businesses to reach their target audience and measure and analyse results. Biddable media is also a cheaper form of advertising, forecast to be the leading form of advertising over traditional methods.

The biddable media sector has become increasingly competitive over the last few years with more and more companies realising the value of biddable media marketing. As a result of the popularity, prices have naturally risen, however, this has also led to the development of additional networks as well as existing ones evolving. Amazon has developed new advancements such as video ads to compete with existing PPC networks, such as Google Ads.

Biddable media is able to bring huge ROIs for companies, therefore biddable media jobs will continue to increase in demand. Whilst parts of biddable media have now become automated, this means specialists can work to further develop their roles and bring about more effective results.

Landing a role in biddable media marketing requires you to have background experience in biddable media. Qualifications and certifications in relevant areas such as Google Analytics or Google AdWords are extremely beneficial, and for some companies a requirement and will set you apart from the competition.

Many qualities are needed to be successful in a biddable media career, some examples include: being an excellent communicator, having top tier written and verbal skills in order to write clear concise adverts, and to pitch and present ideas, analytical skills are also hugely important in biddable media marketing to be able to formulate strategies and analyse the performance of ads. 

Interviewing for biddable media roles may require you to analyse a company’s current strategies and comment, giving specific examples, of how you would improve it. Being up to date with the latest information in the biddable media market will also be expected.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an example of biddable media as means that companies are only charged when their advert is clicked on and viewed by consumers.


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Unlike normal bidding, it’s not that the highest figure wins, factors such as ad quality score and keywords are taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

With the only difference being that the purchased spaces will have ‘ad’ written next to them, making them identifiable as a purchased ad.

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