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There is a variety of digital design jobs available, from working with technology start-ups to iconic fashion brands, most businesses will look to have the support of a digital designer whether on a contract or permanent basis. 

Digital Design Roles

Digital designer roles describe creating visually engaging designs to support promotions or specific marketing campaigns of a brand or business. This can be across websites, email campaigns, online advertising banners, landing pages, microsites, mobile and apps.

Though digital designers may specialise in one style, they should have a wide portfolio, being able to adapt to different design needs of businesses, working alongside various teams, most commonly marketers, content creators and copywriters, to support them, ensuring all material is consistent.

Designers will also work closely with digital product designers and developers to ensure they all have the same vision for the product and making any necessary changes to keep the product branding consistent.

Digital Design teams usually sit as part of the marketing team, and the overall manager will be a Head of Ecommerce, Head of Marketing or a Head of Digital. In larger business you will find that the team is usually headed up by a Design Manager or Creative Director. 

Well-designed content is imperative for competing in a busy market and attracting customers to your business.

Given the surge of digital evolution, popular industries for digital designers include:

  • Architecture
  • Advertising
  • Fashion
  • Media 

Digital design is expected to evolve further in future years, with the importance of technology coming into play. With this new job roles are expected to be developed, including the likes of 3D designers, augmented reality designers, and embodied interaction designers.

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