With the world slowly transitioning online, the eCommerce market has grown massively with areas still untouched and waiting to be developed, such as social commerce and mobile usage, it is likely that brand new eCommerce job types will be upcoming. 

eCommerce Roles

As with many other roles in the digital sector, being up to speed with the latest tools and trends is a must.

As expected, the retail sector is the largest for eCommerce jobs with market leaders such as Amazon and eBay needing assistance keeping their platforms fresh and up to date. However, with online shopping becoming the preferred method of retail, it is likely that smaller brands will begin showing an interest in the addition of eCommerce roles to their businesses.

Teamwork skills and communication skills are essential, and you will need to be confident expressing ideas to a group and offering input in team-collaborated projects.

Landing a role in eCommerce, you will be expected to handle technical project tasks as well as cohere to client methods.

You will be expected to ensure the company stays ahead of the competition using advanced technical solutions.

A degree is not a necessity for a job in eCommerce, however, a related bachelor’s degree, such as marketing or business management will always aid your application.

It is likely that during an interview for an eCommerce role, you will need to be prepared to demonstrate examples of your previous work, using stats showing your level of responsibility within the company.

For eCommerce manager roles, you will need to demonstrate your ability to manage, motivate and lead a team. Being knowledgeable of the company and industry will also be expected in most interviews and being able to link your experience back to the company, and how you can benefit them will also be great to demonstrate.

Starting salaries of £24,000 can be expected in eCommerce jobs, and depending on location and experience, can reach salaries of £160,000+ for those with 10+ years of experience.

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