10 great questions to ask in your next interview

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You’ve completed the first step in the search for your next role and landed yourself an inte...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

You’ve completed the first step in the search for your next role and landed yourself an interview, but what’s next? Whilst the interview is designed for you to sell yourself, it’s as much an opportunity for you to find out all you can about the company, culture and why you want to work there. After all, if you get an offer, it’s going to be you who chooses whether or not to continue down your career path with that company.

How much difference do the questions you ask make?

Speaking with many of our customers, being asked great questions by candidates that are well thought out and insightful can have such a positive impact on the interview overall, they can turn a candidate from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.

Whilst being qualified and demonstrating an ability to carry out the role to a high level is of course high up on an interviewer’s check list, showing a willingness to learn and committing to the interview process is a huge plus and could swing the hiring decision in your favour.

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Remember, it’s as much your opportunity to learn about the business and is it an opportunity for the business to learn about you. Here are some example questions that demonstrate you’ve come with the right attitude prepared to engage and positively challenge the interviewer.   

There you have it; some great questions that will give interviewers an indication of your commitment to the role and to the interview process. Remember, make your interview work for you.

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