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Customer Success or Customer Success Management involves increasing the likelihood of customers reaching desired outcomes while using a company’s product or service. A customer success team will prioritise the needs of customers and their goals, with the role of the customer success manager being to ensure they know what the client's wants and needs are.

Customer success managers focus on solving long-term customer needs issues and ensuring they are up to date with their customer base to increase retention rate.

Key skills sought by hiring managers

  • Communication, 
  • A customer-first mindset, 
  • Relationship management, 
  • Problem-solving and management
  • Having some additional skills, such as technical skills, can also boost your application. 

Additional skills:

  • Experience in using CRM systems
  • Experience in using CSM software 

Customer success managers explain the sales process and ensure everything runs smoothly after a purchase, they are the point of contact for customers and the role is heavily based on direct relationship building - if customers have questions, they can speak directly to the customer success manager and work together to resolve the issue.

Customer success managers will lead the customer success team and focus on solving long-term needs for customers and ensuring they are up to date with their customer base in order to increase retention rate.

The main responsibilities of a customer success manager include onboarding new customers, following up on renewals, encouraging upsells and cross-sells and building relationships. To excel in a customer success role, you must have strong communication skills in order to build relationships and keep customers happy.


What Salary can you expect in a Customer Success Role?

You can expect customer success salaries to start around £30,000 and, depending on location, industry, and experience, can reach salaries of £70,000. The average salary of a customer success manager is £45,000.


Land a Customer Success Role

Landing a role in customer success does not require any specific educational background; experience is desired more. Demonstrating that you have a history of working in customer-facing roles is vital for helping you land a customer success role. Experience in sales roles, specifically SaaS companies, is also a great addition to your CV. 


If you want to begin a career in customer success, a business degree would be one of the best degrees to aid you, though there are many other routes you can take. If you choose to go down this path, you could obtain a bachelor’s and/or a master’s. Business degrees offer an extensive range of opportunities. 

You can gain a business degree through universities, colleges and apprenticeships. It is one of the most accessible degrees available.

Align your experience on your CV to the skills needed for a Customer Success Manager role,  these may include: 

  • Management skills

  • Marketing or Communication background

  • Technical CSM experience 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Previous experience in customer success. 


You must demonstrate your achievements and that you are skilled in these fields. Go through which achievements are the most appropriate for the position, move those to the top and add one or two additional ones as a talking point.

Interviews are the final hurdle to landing the job. First, you would need to present an explicit understanding of your CV. As simple as it sounds, having the knowledge shows that you have prepared well and you wouldn’t get caught out, or stumble on challenging questions. 

Rehearse some questions with another person in order to be familiar with how you word answers and how you would approach complex or vague questions that might come your way.

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