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Ecommerce has become one of the largest online industries thanks to retailers such as Amazon and eCommerce sites such as Etsy and eBay promoting small businesses. We are all spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping online. 


With so many products and services being sold online, the Direct to Consumer (DTC) market is vast, covering retail, travel, gambling and online training, as well as digital platforms like Vinted or HelloFresh. 


It has also become second nature to purchase something through the internet. It is why branding and other forms of e-commerce are so important. Thanks to this, Sphere has developed specialised recruitment teams hiring into eCommerce companies, DTC, client Side and brand marketing. 

Sphere is an expert in the DTC space with many years of experience building dynamic global teams for the biggest brands. 


We draw from an active global network of candidates; building great relationships, delivering industry expertise and generally being a dream to work with, is what we pride ourselves on. It’s why our clients work with us long term, and why we’ve been awarded year-after-year.

Why Sphere?

We are experts in the DTC space with many years of experience building dynamic teams for the biggest brands, globally.

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Sphere are a data-centric business and can provide you with the information and data that will make working with us simple. From weekly to monthly reports on activity, goals and performance, we can work in whichever way suits you and your team.

Sphere will build an account team who can deliver niche, hard to find and high-quality candidates at scale. Led by a dedicated Account Manager, the team will regularly meet together internally to share useful information and to ensure that we are delivering the key objectives that we agree upon.

Typically we will send a weekly status report with all of the information that you need to know about the role and talk through any questions and action points. We can adapt quickly to the pace that your business will move at. We appreciate that you have a changing business and the direction that you go, and need support in, will change.

We keep our finger on the pulse and our annual Salary & Benefits Survey garners salary information directly from the market.

Our monthly job market reports track hiring trends across DTC, eCommerce and the wider digital community. 

Sphere are driven to achieve great results for our customers and our candidates through having meaningful relationships and engaging experiences. Maintaining and developing brilliant relationships is what we were built on as a business and we work hard to ensure that we are working as a partner and adding real value.

Case Study and Success Stories

We have a list of success stories and testimonies from clients and candidates. Look through our website and read what our clients say about working with Sphere.

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