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Sales is a vast sector with the demand for salespeople continuing to grow year on year in all industries, including Technology, Media Sales jobs, Agencies, SaaS sales jobs, and many more! 

Sales and marketing jobs are often the most coveted, and competition for open vacancies has increased in recent years. 

Whether you’re starting your career as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), a Business Development Representative (BDR), or in recruitment, the sky's the limit to where a career in sales can take you.

Many senior Sales and Marketing jobs have high earning potential due to commission and bonus structures in place for target-driven roles. 

What does a Sales Marketing Role entail?


Sales roles tend to be customer-facing, commercial, and target-driven. Over the years, there have been concerns from customers that salespeople are only trying to earn a commission, as opposed to being authentic and valuable with their approaches. As a result, the dynamics of the sales industry have changed over the years, taking on a relationship-building style that is more commonly seen today. 

Jobs in sales typically have a clear promotion structure, starting as an Executive or Representative, and moving on to a Team Manager, or Senior Sales Manager, before reaching VP and Director levels. 

Delivering results and meeting targets is how you progress and earn promotions within sales roles; promotions not only mean more money, but also more responsibility and access to better clients, bringing in more commission. 


Landing a Job in Sales

Sales roles are results driven - with KPIs and targets in place. It's a measurable position and, in turn, can be very financially rewarding. 

Many companies offer graduate roles such as Sales Development Representative jobs (SDRs) or Business Development Representative jobs (BDR). These entry-level roles are great opportunities for postgraduates and school leavers looking to start a sales career. 

Within the Media Owners and Publishers industry, you may see entry-level roles described as Sales Executives, Sales Admin, or Sales Support.

Previous sales experience is desirable, but many businesses look at the drive, ambition, and reasons behind the individual kick-starting their career. In addition, a strong work ethic and ability to build rapport are essential as the hours can be demanding, and targets are only for some!

A degree is not a necessity for these types of roles, though there are still a lot of businesses that do expect this. There are many other routes into sales without a degree: door-to-door sales, retail, customer service, and estate agency are all significant roles to start in.

A University degree that includes a placement year in industry, will undoubtedly increase any chance of securing great sales and marketing jobs, particularly if the person has chosen to gain experience in a sales role. 

Key competencies that will be expected for a sales role include demonstrating a strong work ethic, a desire to work in a target-driven role, commercial awareness, excellent communication skills, and the ability to build relationships with prospective clients. 

As the international market booming with increasingly more language-speaking roles, knowing another language is also a benefit that will boost your CV as it will provide you the opportunity to reach clients outside the UK market.

Being able to sell yourself in an interview is an integral part of landing a sales role; if you can sell yourself, you demonstrate that you can sell a product or service. 

Being able to align your experience with the role, ask thoughtful questions and demonstrate your desire to be successful will put your best foot forward when it comes to interviewing. 

You will often be asked scenario-based questions or invited to present a pitch or presentation.

What Salary can you expect in a Sales Role?

For a position in sales, the average starting or graduate salaries are in the range of £25,000 - £30,000 with an OTE of £35,000 + within the first year. It can also range to £135,000 + in the UK as a base for senior roles.  

The majority of those working in sales receive a bonus. Target-based bonuses are most commonly received. 

In many cases, earning potential can reach incredible heights for salespeople. 

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