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Header bidding, geo-targeting & programmatic audio - our latest event roundup

On Friday 17th November, close to 200 attendees from the world of programmatic gathered for our second programmatic breakfast event of 2017, at The Cumberland Hotel.

The Panel

  • Justin Pearse, Digiday (Moderator)
  • Theo Theodorou, GroundTruth
  • Paula Bacariza, AppNexus
  • Ryan Rummery, Global
  • Alexis Faulkner, GroupM

With advertisers seeking to target consumers in new and diverse ways, the discussion centred around opportunities presented by geo targeting, programmatic audio and tv as well as tackling the issues surrounding header bidding sparking a lively debate among the expert panel.

Panel discussions at event

There were many insights and exciting points to take away for all those in attendance:

  1. Header bidding is the ‘most loved hack in the industry’ but in order to be successful it must be done correctly and recycling desktop ads and using the same creative for mobile is a mistake

  2. Geo targeting provides companies with a ‘rich tapestry of data’ that builds up a truer picture of a person and goes beyond what we can gain from banner advertising. This is data which could/should be used across departments to fully and effectively target the consumer

  3. There is however a significant challenge for publishers when using this data as GDPR comes in – what’s the reason for using this data? What are the issues with opting in? Is the data truly representative if your collecting data only when the app is open? Questions like this and more will restrict and limit the quality of the data collected

  4. This shift to newer channels, such as audio and tv, is hugely exciting for advertisers, publishers and agencies. The rise in programmatic audio has been driven by the consumer and with 70-80% listening through headphones, this gives advertisers and unique opportunity to target them 1-on-1

  5. The growth potential in programmatic TV is huge. Currently, the difficulty lies with the broadcasters opening it up and once the data becomes easier to define TV metrics, buyers will move into the space more and more

We'll be holding more events in 2018, so please keep an eye out for more information in the New Year. If you'd like to be on the panel or involved in any way, please get in touch with Alex in our marketing team via

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