3 reasons why your next hire should be a contractor

Hiring may be paused for some businesses but the contract market is here to support your business through this unprecedented time. 

Here are 3 reasons why your next hire should be a contractor: 

1. Flexibility

Our contractors work on contracts from 1 day to 12 months plus depending on a client's need. On top of which all contracts incorporate notice periods, so there is ultimate flexibility surrounding a contract hire. Contractors are used to having to be flexible, accommodating, and a lot of candidates are already confident in remote working.

Whether you need to plug a gap or take the pressure off of teams, contractors are invaluable to businesses in this time and are used to getting up and running quickly. 

2. Expertise

Often we get asked to find contractors for clients to provide a skill set that is not currently retained in-house. Or recruit a skillset that is needed for a one-off project, where a perm hire is not an option- i.e. migrating to an online e-commerce platform when you're a brand that was previously retail only. 

Being able to scale up in a flexible way and add extra skills and knowledge to a team on a case by case basis is invaluable to businesses that aren't able to commit to a longer contract.

3. Cost 

If budget is tight currently but work still needs to continue, contractors are a great option as clients aren't committing to a long term cost; plugging into the needs of a business is what contractors specialise in.

We work with a lot of our contractors on a repeat basis and can vouch for their ability to get up to speed quickly and meet the requirements needed from them. 

With IR35 no longer taking place, hiring a contractor is no longer a concern for businesses who were previously concerned with the government changes. 

If you're hiring or looking for a new role, get in touch with our contract team today to see how we can support you - email 

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