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Digital Recruitment with Edward Steer, CEO at Sphere

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The digital market is continuously evolving. Tuning into what people are looking for is fundamental to retaining and attracting the best digital talent...

Dal Singh Gill, VP Global Partnerships at Seedtag, invited our CEO and Founder, Edward Steer, onto their AdTech Heroes podcast this week to discuss this, and more.

Listen to the full episode via: 
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Ed shared with Dal what candidates in digital are looking for in a role; He explains that while there’s always been a high demand for flexibility, this has increased after Covid-19 as working from home becomes more widespread. 

Listen for advice for candidates looking for a job in digital, whether they’re new to the industry or have been in it for a while. Edward’s advice is to really understand what you love doing and what you're best at doing before considering a role:

"If you speak to someone and feel immediately understood and valued by them, you're going to show people that love goes a long way." 

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