5 reasons why graduates should choose a career in recruitment

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So, you've finished university, got yourself your degree and you’re now faced with the prosp...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

So, you've finished university, got yourself your degree and you’re now faced with the prospect of starting your career. But where to start? There are any number of options to choose from, particularly if your degree doesn’t guide you towards a specific degree.

The key to narrowing this key decision down is to ask yourself ‘which industry is my skill set best suited to?’ Are you competitive, tenacious and love having a goal to aim for? Perhaps you’re articulate and enjoy speaking to and meeting new people, or you thrive off being given the opportunity to run and manage your own projects. Regardless of when and where you’ve demonstrated these skills, they are the foundations of what it takes to become a successful recruiter.

​Why should I consider recruitment?
Forget the notion that the job is all about being sales person, it’s much more than that. Great recruiters are business consultants, problem-solvers, networkers, marketers and strategists, often all on the same day! Every day is different and if you’ve got real determination and a burning desire to succeed, recruitment can be highly fruitful.

Here are a 5 reasons why you should consider recruitment:     


There are strong financial incentives for performance, meaning talented graduate recruiters can be very well remunerated. The more successful you are the better you'll be rewarded. It’s a simple as that!

Realistically, a graduate consultant can earn in around £35,000 in their first year; a figure that’ll be envied by many of your peers.

Rewards & Perks

You’ll find your performance is rewarded in more ways than one when you work in recruitment. Aside from the commission earned when you successfully place a candidate in a new role, there are always  things going on around the office and different incentives on offer, including; lunch clubs, team nights out, summer and Christmas parties, as well as further cash incentives.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 years' recruitment experience or none at all, at Sphere everyone has the opportunity to qualify for incentives. Some of our graduates have recently been out for all expenses paid for lunches at Michelin starred restaurants and a day at the races to name a few.


You want to join a company whose culture suits you and will allow you to flourish. Joining a recruitment company means that more often than not, you’ll be working alongside people with similar motivations as you. Every recruitment agency’s culture is unique and it’s important to find the one which works for you. Get that right, and you’ll be surrounded by people who'll motivate you, inspire you and help you become a success.

​At Sphere, we have a brilliant team, who love what they do and who are very talented. We have a clear plan in place for our future but still focus on the things that make us great - our people and our culture. Our truly collaborative culture and fantastic work environment gives everyone in our team the opportunity and motivation to succeed.


Great recruitment companies will offer training and development to help you build up an impressive and diverse skill set to not only make you a successful recruiter, but a better problem solver, decision maker and influential leader.

At Sphere, developing our teams regardless of experience has been crucial to our success. Once you’ve been given these tools your career progression is down to you! Hit your targets and you can quickly move up the ladder, earning more and having a bigger influence in the business.

We’ve a fantastic track record of progressing graduates up through the business since Sphere launched in 2012 with two former graduates now managing successful teams - many more hold senior roles and are well on their way to management.


No two days in recruitment are ever the same. Where some graduate trainee roles in other industries might have you chained to your desk and offer you little freedom to venture out of the office, in recruitment, face-to-face interaction is actively encouraged and leads to strong, lasting relationships.

Sphere was built on getting out and meeting with our candidates and clients wherever possible, whether that’s at their offices or over a coffee or a beer.

You’ll also get to work with a huge variety of companies and candidates doing different and exciting things in the market. There’s events and meet ups to attend and all manner of opportunities to throw yourself into whichever industry or specialism you recruit for.

So, what’s next?

If you like what you see and want to find out more about life at Sphere and how you can be a success then either apply for a role here or get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Manager, Jamie Cox.

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