Don’t make these mistakes when asking for a promotion

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Most of us would love to be promoted, and of course many of us believe that we've contribute...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

Most of us would love to be promoted, and of course many of us believe that we've contributed enough to the company to warrant one.

So, why haven’t you been promoted yet?

It could be because it can be quite uncomfortable to ask, regardless of your relationship with your boss or how well you feel you're performing. Also, since we've not had training on how to ask we are often subject to a number of mistakes when we do.

Here are a few things to avoid when having those all important conversations and what you can do instead.

Assuming you’ll be promoted

Whilst your efforts might be recognised by your manager and company, if you’ve never spoken up about the prospect of a promotion how is anyone to know? Your manager might think you are perfectly happy in your role and that you don’t want/need a promotion.

Rather obviously, if you want a promotion what you should do instead is ask! Of course, this has to be done in the right way. Make sure the quality of your work is deserving of a new role and that you’ve proven yourself.

Identifying what you want from your career early will help you achieve your goals and talking these through with your manager is so beneficial. You’ll let them know you’re eager to advance, get the right feedback and they can help set the goals you need to get there.

Comparing yourself to your colleagues

Comparing the work you do and have done to that of a colleagues is not the best thing to bring up in the conversation and criticising them is an absolute no-no.

Every promotion needs to be justified and the best way to do this is by presenting them with the business case for why you deserve one.

If you think you have more value to add or a more successful track record that’s perfectly okay but it’s important to make the case for you and not focus on other. Show them that you are worth the increased responsibility and investment.
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