From Door2Door Sales to Senior Recruitment Consultant

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In less than 9 months, Jaquarn Nelson has been promoted twice and is now a Senior ...

By Jaquarn Nelson

Executive Consultant

In less than 9 months, Jaquarn Nelson has been promoted twice and is now a Senior Consultant at Sphere Digital on our Performance Marketing Contract desk! 

A year ago, he was doing door to door sales, knocking on 150 doors a day. 

We sat down with Jaqs to find out about his time here...  

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How have you found your time since starting at Sphere?

"In all honesty great, the mentorship across not just from my team but also from other members of the company and across different teams is great. The fact that when I’m in need of help any member of the company is happy to free their schedule with immediate effect to help is amazing 

The company dinners, the remote flexibility, and most importantly how driven everyone is really creates an environment of success which I bounce off of on a day to day basis."

You were recently promoted, (congratulations!), what do you think contributed to you progressing so quickly?

"Student mentality...

I want to be one of the best billers in the company, so I'm constantly asking questions from my Manager on what she would do in day to day situations and when problems arise. 

I also have regular check ups with my Mentor so I can get different perspectives.

If I can learn what is the best course of action, then I can replicate their actions and mentality so I can achieve similar results in due time with hard work and perseverance."

"Working smart...

Before I used to do first one in and last one out, although I was getting a lot done it wasn’t a habit that was sustainable in the long run. 

So I changed to become really effective and efficient with my time management, day plans and week plans. 

This ensured that I was getting as much done (sometimes more) in a 8 hour day as I did when I was doing a 10 hour day."


I think this one is more a personal attribute, but I always want more and I don’t really settle when I achieve a target. 

For example halfway through the month I can see that I’ll have made X amount of placements, although that’s an achievement in itself I always want more and will work towards somehow chasing towards a higher goal. 

This allows to compete with myself and constantly strive toward the best version of Me!"

door to door sales
What was your background before joining Sphere?

"Previous to joining Sphere, I was a door to door salesman for 2 years and 2 months selling a subscription service for charities like UNICEF, RSPCA and NSPCC.

I started off as an exec and worked my way up to management with a team of 7-14 people."

​How did this help you?

"Door to door taught me real perseverance, it was a commission only role where we had to knock on 150 doors, we did 3 laps of that to make sure we spoke to 100 people and of those 100 people we only closed 0-5 deals.

Some days was great, whilst others weren’t, but you had to persevere through all the no’s and disappointment to get a yes to make sure you got paid.

This translates a bit to recruitment, on a day to day basis there is disappointment from rejected offers, rejected candidates to droppers, however learning the art of perseverance keeps me going through the tough times, and if you can keep positive in the tough times and graft just as well as you do in the good times then really it makes attaining success a just a little bit easier!"

​Any advice for people thinking of joining?

"Recruitment is life changing, Sphere offers amazing training and an amazing environment to be successful in recruitment, all you have to do is be willing to learn and go the extra mile to put in practice everything they teach you and in due time the results will come.

Take the Plunge!"

Anything else you think people want to know?

"I am far from perfect, I still mess up and do things wrong every day, but I am on a journey with my team and Sphere to becoming the best version of myself and I would not want it any other way."

Jaquarn Nelson
Senior Consultant

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