Future Talent - My key insights from our 2022 Salary and Benefits survey

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Our Future Talent team specialises in kick starting the careers of recent graduates and cand...

By Samantha O'Neill

Senior Manager

Our Future Talent team specialises in kick starting the careers of recent graduates and candidates looking for entry level positions into the digital sector.

The main roles we recruit into are analytical roles like data analysts or ad ops and programmatic, commercial roles like account managers, sales representatives or business development representatives and roles around Digital Marketing such as account executives and campaign managers for different digital channels or marketing executives.

Here are the main insights I got from the Salary & Benefits Survey for each type of role...

Data & Analytics

This is the group where we find the most entry level candidates try to get into. 3% of respondents are working in Ad Ops and Programmatic roles while 10% have secured a role in Data Analysis roles.

Whilst most roles in Ad Ops come from Agencies and Tech vendors, roles for Data Analysts are quite popular in Agencies as well as Marketing Technology companies, and Brands.

Analytical roles tend to have quite high salaries for entry level candidates with less than a year’s experience.

Ad Ops get an average of £22k per year while jobs in Programmatic, Data Analysis, Website analytics and Data Science are ranging from £25k up to £32k a year.

Digital Marketing

I have noticed that more and more entry level graduates are interested in joining these types of roles. From the survey we can see that 2% of respondents chose Digital Marketing as their first job.

This Digital Marketing sector is slightly female dominated with 57% of respondents being female and 43% being male.

Salaries for these roles vary depending on the type of marketing and digital channel candidates decide to focus on.

Job roles around Affiliate Marketing, CRM, Email, Copywriting or SEO have an average salary of £24k per year while roles focusing on Paid Social, Paid Search and social media range from £21k to £22k per year.

Within Digital Marketing the highest paying roles focus on Biddable, where candidates with less than a years’ experience can earn an average of £28k per year!

Another interesting fact is that 68% of respondents working these roles get an average of 20 to 25 days’ holidays per year

Commercial roles

The results from the survey show that 10% of respondents joined these roles as their first job.

From what I have seen, I think that not many graduates and entry level candidates choose roles in sales and business development as their first option but once they see the money potential and career progression, they decide to give it a shot. The survey shows that these roles have the highest bonus rates (94%) which are mainly target based which means a greater earning potential.

We can see that most respondents working in commercial roles come from Marketing Technology companies and Tech Vendors. As mentioned, salaries can vary a lot based on commission and bonuses but average basic salaries for business development representatives and sales development representatives with less than a years’ experience is £25k per year.

If you would like to find out more about the digital industry, download our Salary & Benefits survey via our homepage. 

Additionally, if you are looking to kickstart your career in the digital industry reach out to me for entry level opportunites - samantha@spherelondon.co.uk

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