Mental Health in the Workplace How are agencies supporting their staff from home?

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I don’t think any one of us thought the last year would play out how it has. ‘Social Distanc...

By Stephanie Levinson

Managing Consultant

I don’t think any one of us thought the last year would play out how it has. ‘Social Distancing’ and ‘Furlough’ were certainly not words we were used to hearing. But in a year where the world had to stay apart, we all certainly came together in one very important topic of conversation – Mental Health.

Last year several large, medium, and small marketing agencies had to put a big pause on their hiring plans and, as the rest of the world did, adapt to working from home. This was a huge shock to the system for agencies, as such a huge part of their attractiveness is the culture they build around being in the office and working as a strong team.

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So, what are some of the ways in which marketing agencies are supporting their staff with working from home and looking after their mental health?

  • Employee Assistance Programmes – this is a confidential 24/7 support line to allow employees to deal with personal and work problems. This includes 24/7 telephone counselling, confidential advice from an experienced professional counsellor and a health and wellbeing advisory service.
  • Half-days off dedicated to your mental health – lots of marketing agencies have allowed employees to put some time aside within the month to focus on themselves and do what makes them happy – read a book, go for a run, watch Netflix or just nap!
  • Weekly companywide events – open discussions on how peers can help each other. What do you do to better your mental health that could be good advice for your colleague? Having your lunch away from your desk to a daily piece of exercise… what works for you?
  • Online gym sessions – everyone has loved a Joe Wicks workout, so agencies have set time aside to invite team members to an online workout!

In the coming months, we hope to say goodbye to the words we had once never heard, but these new ways of working will certainly stay set. Mental health is going to be as important moving forward as it has been over the last 12 months, and here’s to us all supporting one another in the best way we can – remember, it is okay to not be okay.

How has your agency supported you and your mental health throughout the last 12 months?



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Stephanie Levinson
Deputy Manager

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