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In 2019 we released our annual Salary & Benefits Survey, a comprehensive report which ai...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

In 2019 we released our annual Salary & Benefits Survey, a comprehensive report which aims to provide the reader with a clear guide to salaries on offer in their specialism across the media, marketing, tech and creative sectors.

Additionally, our report provides insight into the benefits digital professionals receive, the challenges they face, the reasons why they leave their jobs and more in the hope of helping both employees and employers to better understand what’s happening in their market.

Here’s a snapshot of the findings for Marketing professionals from the report.

Salary & bonus

When looking for their next job, salary and bonus was ranked as the most important factor that marketing professionals took into consideration.

35% of respondents were ‘Satisfied’, only 6% were ‘Very Satisfied’ with the salary they received and one-third were either ‘Dissatisfied’ or ‘Very Dissatisfied’.

55% received a bonus and of those who did, marketeers with 7-10 years’ experience were the least likely to receive one (19%).


Health insurance (46%), flexible working (45%) and above statutory pension (31%) were the most common benefits among sales professionals.

Flexible working was the most desired benefits amongst the respondents with 59% keen to have more flexibility in their working weeks.

Unlimited annual leave was sort after by 22% of the respondents working across different marketing specialisms. 

Reasons to leave their role?

Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they were considering leaving their role within the next 12 months.

The chance of greater pay (24%) was the most common reason they’d seek a move away from their current role. Improved progression opportunities (24%) and the chance of a new challenge (15%) were also common choices amongst marketeers.

Job search

Using recruiters / headhunters (41%), LinkedIn (19%) and personal networks (17%) proved useful in the quest for marketing professionals to find their current roles.

The use of job boards was also a popular choice, with 12% finding their current role in this way.

Using social media as a means of finding jobs for marketing professionals proved ineffectual, with only 1% of the group using these channels to find their job.

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