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You know that all too familiar feeling when you’ve left the interview thinking you’ve done p...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

You know that all too familiar feeling when you’ve left the interview thinking you’ve done pretty well and then within a couple of hours you’ve convinced yourself that the way they didn’t quite nod enough when you were talking, or how they shook your hand at the end means they hated you as a candidate and they’ll never employ you...?!

At Sphere, we've dealt with every type of interviewer and interviewee drama under the sun, so we are well versed in how to know if it’s not going well, or if you’ve absolutely smashed it.

So, we have compiled a list of good signs about the interview so you can stop replaying the whole thing over and over in your head.

1. Body Language

Body language is a HUGE indicator of how they are feeling towards you. 

For example, if they’re turned towards you nodding their head and they appear to be genuinely interested in that one interview-appropriate story you have in answer to ‘how would your friends describe you?’ then it’s pretty clear you’re doing something right.

2. Conversation turning casual

Speaking of that one interview-appropriate story, the conversation turning casual is always a good sign that they like you. It shows they see you’re more than capable of succeeding in the role and now they’re interested in YOU and how you’ll fit into the team!

So, don’t panic if you feel like you’ve talked a bit too much about how you both love dogs, or that holiday spot you’ve both visited, it might just tip the odds in your favour.

3. Losing track of time

Similarly, if the interview runs over and they’re not rushing to get you out of the door, it’s often promising! Your interviewer has probably fitted your interview into an already hectic workday, so if they’re letting that project or meeting wait a little longer just to keep the conversation going this is probably down to them thinking you would be a good fit for the role.

4. Meeting more of the team 

We know that endless train of people you’ve got to impress, coming in and out of the room, can be daunting but this is a good sign! It’s a good sign because you’re meeting the other team members, meaning that they may already know they like you but just need that second or third opinion just to sign off on you.

5.  Selling you the job

Finally, if they start talking about how amazing the office space is or how they get to finish early on Fridays then we’re happy to say you’ve smashed the interview! This is probably the best sign of them all because now the tables have turned and they’re selling the job to you. They want you to want them.     

Keep an eye out of these tell-tale signs in your next interview and it may just give you the confidence boost you need to power through those nerves and secure that job!

If you’re still a little stuck on how to make yourself the ideal candidate then don’t worry, here’ how you can ace that second interview and how to leave that lasting impression with the best questions to ask your prospective employer.

So, don’t worry if you struggle with the interview process, as we’ve put our wealth of knowledge to good use and are here to help.

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