Staying motivated whilst working from home

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With so many companies and individuals adapting to a 'new normal', we are continuing to...


With so many companies and individuals adapting to a 'new normal', we are continuing to share some honest stories from our amazing consultants as they readjust to life during COVID-19. 

This week we spoke with Evie Grogan (Managing Consultant - Digital Marketing, Europe & North America) who, despite not having worked from home previously, has found her feet with the 'new normal'...

Evie, thank you for talking with me! Firstly, how are you?

I’m good - I’m healthy. 

I have my puppy and my boyfriend and to be honest, I am enjoying working from home. I still miss the normality of the office. It keeps hitting me that this doesn’t feel normal.

It’s very different working from home because you don't talk to people as much. When you’re a recruitment consultant you want to talk a lot. That’s why the office is so good. It suits our personality being able to talk to people so I do notice the lack of socialising. 

What structure have you set up (if at all!)?

My routine is different from before but I tend to go with the flow. My dog gives me the most structure to my day as I take him out 4 times. 

With New York hours, I’m online between 8am - 9pm (BST) – booking in interviews, speaking to candidates, calls with my clients; I’m working for longer but there's still some kind of structure.

I’m the most productive after lunch because New York is awake then! 

What are the daily struggles?

Eating the same food all the time! I would love some different food... It’s very ridged cooking from home every day. Especially because we were used to Covent Garden that had everything!

What advice would you give for anyone else working from home in a situation similar to yours? 

If you need a walk, go for a walk. If you sat down and worked straight for 8 hours, you need to have a break. Oh and… download the Nike Run App! Now that I can't get to the gym, I'm obsessed with this app. 

What are you excited about that you weren't able to do during lockdown? 

Getting my hair done?!...

Anything that you’re enjoying or have learnt about yourself because of lockdown?

That I can be really productive working from home. I wasn’t a fan before but I’ve learnt that I can and do enjoy working from home.

Evie Grogan
Managing Consultant – Digital Marketing, Europe & North America

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