The Best European Cities to Work and Live in

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Looking for your next career opportunity? Considering working in Europe? If so, there are l...

By Alex Talon


Looking for your next career opportunity? Considering working in Europe? If so, there are lots of exciting opportunities out there. But if you’re wondering where to relocate and work and why, maybe this can help make your mind up. Our guide will help inform you of some of the best cities to work in.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is up and coming as one of the trendiest locations in Europe. Not only does it have a great culture, but the town is notorious for its high living standards making it a very popular area for workers.

Berlin is a key location for tech enthusiasts with new start-ups being reported to be set up every 20 minutes which has contributed 11.3 million euros ($10.8 billion) in venture capital. Berlin’s business world is skyrocketing and this truly is a hotspot for anyone looking for a new tech role.

Travelling to work is no problem in Berlin with its efficient public transport systems, such as the Metro, which runs 24 hours a day. They have a great and affordable system - the ‘BahnCard’, which offers reduced rates and includes the use of buses as well as the Metro and train.

Berlin is well known for its culture, art and iconic landmarks, with over 170 diverse museums throughout the city. It is also considered one of Germany’s greenest city, with a range of parks, rooftop gardens, wooded areas and lakes in its many suburbs, just outside the city centre.

Work aside, Berlin is also renowned for its incredible nightlife and features popular music festivals and events each year. Known for its beer, you can be sure to enjoy a night out in Berlin.

Key information to know when considering relocating to Berlin:

  • Average Salary: £44,055 / 51080.20 EUR
  • Major companies: SoundCloud, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, and Mercedes-Benz
  • Average rent (one-bedroom apartment in the city centre): £815 GBP / 908 EUR
  • Monthly public transport pass: £60 – £90 (GBP) / 66.84 – 100.25 EUR
  • Weather: Berlin is known to have a continental climate featuring cold winters, hot summers with fairly mild autumn and spring seasons in between.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not only is Amsterdam a picturesque location to live and work with its long canals and cobblestone streets, but the Dutch capital is also chock-full of career opportunities and has been listed as one of the best cities to work in due to all it has to offer.

Amsterdam is renowned for having a highly appealing work-life balance, and this is one of the most common reasons why people want to move to Amsterdam. Working overtime is viewed as unusual and often even disapproved of. Many employers prefer quality over quantity and would rather workers are efficient rather than putting in extra hours of labor. Social gatherings with colleagues after work are also common in Amsterdam, creating a great work culture.

Whilst the Dutch capital has virtually no cars in the city centre, it has efficient and affordable transport links. Amsterdam has an abundance of things to do for all types of people and fosteres a great culture. Enjoy visiting world-famous Anne Frank House, stopping off in one of the many cafes that line the canals, take a cycle through the city, or for the foodies, sample traditional stroopwafels and local poffertjes.

For those needing childcare, Amsterdam has a widely used host parent system, where someone with young children will also look after your whilst you are working. It is locally referred to as a ‘gastouder’. The service costs around €6 per hour plus any additional costs for outings or food allowances, this is a slightly cheaper option to the traditional childcare that costs on average €8 an hour. Parents, and all residents can also have peace of mind as Amsterdam came sixth in The Economist’s 2021 Safest Cities.

Key information to know when considering relocating to Amsterdam:

  • Average Salary: £44,055 / 51080.20 EUR
  • Major companies: Shell, Exor, Airbus, Heineken, and ING
  • Average rent (one-bedroom apartment in the city centre): £1,640 / 1901.52 EUR
  • Monthly public transport pass: £86 / 96 EUR
  • Weather: Amsterdam has a temperate maritime climate but compared to London it is slightly warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.


London, England

Okay, we may be biased with this one, but London is a great city when considering your next career move and relocation. The UK capital has been a major global financial centre for centuries, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it is full of thriving industries, from finance and technology to media and tourism.

Opportunities in London are second to none, homing some of the biggest global companies. On the flip side, London has lots of exciting opportunities with many new start-ups emerging. There are a huge range of opportunities available in all sectors and industries, with a very competitive job market – salaries will reflect this and there is a lot up for offer in London.

Although London is famous for being one of the most expensive cities, there is always something to do. Whether you are into art, exploring museums, going to see live music and theatre, or go out for a drink – London is truly the home of entertainment.

London’s transport is another huge benefit of living in the city – it is both extensive with the underground tube, overground rail, and bus services available throughout multiple routes of the city. If public transport is not for you, you will not struggle to find a black cab to take you to your destination or book an uber that will arrive in minutes.

Key information to know when considering relocating to London:

  • Average Salary: £40,000
  • Major companies: HSBC, Sky, GlaxoSmithKline, Amazon, Facebook, and Google
  • Average rent (one-bedroom apartment in the city centre): £1,800
  • Monthly public transport pass: £160
  • Weather: London features a humid temperate oceanic climate. This gives the city cool winters, and warm to hot summers with precipitation fairly evenly distributed all year round.

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