The Evolving Job Market for Customer Success Professionals in 2023

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As we step further into 2023, it's essential to examine the shifting landscape of the job ma...

By Daniel Bolter

VP, North America

As we step further into 2023, it's essential to examine the shifting landscape of the job market for Customer Success professionals. Our recent salary survey sheds light on the evolving demographics, compensation trends, and key factors driving employee satisfaction and retention in this field.

Key takeaways:

  1. The industry is predominantly female and young, with 61% of respondents being female and 82% aged between 18-39. This highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity in recruitment strategies.

  2. Salaries remain competitive, but bonus structures have shifted towards a more commercial focus, emphasizing sales and revenue-based incentives. Companies should align compensation with business objectives to attract and retain top talent.

  3. Retention challenges stem primarily from a lack of progression and poor work environments. With 55% of respondents considering a career move in 2023, organizations should focus on creating supportive work cultures, providing career growth opportunities, and fostering employee engagement to maintain a competitive edge.

Demographics: The Female-Dominated, Young Industry

Over the years, the Account Management and Customer Success industry has seen a majority of female professionals. In 2023, 61% of respondents identified as female, a slight decrease from 65% in 2022, but up from 56% in 2021. This enduring trend demonstrates the prominence of women in this sector.

Furthermore, the industry appears to be predominantly young, with 82% of respondents aged between 18-39. This observation suggests that the industry is relatively new, or professionals tend to move on after a certain age.

The nature of Customer Success and Account Management positions might be particularly appealing to younger professionals seeking dynamic, fast-paced environments with ample opportunities for growth and development.

Companies looking to hire and retain top talent in Account Management and Customer Success should consider how these demographics impact their recruitment strategies and work to create an inclusive, supportive environment that encourages career growth across all age groups.

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Salaries and Bonuses: A More Commercial Focus

Interestingly, our survey reveals a decline in the number of professionals receiving bonuses, from 72% in 2021 to 67% in 2022. The nature of bonuses has also shifted, with a notable increase in sales or revenue-based incentives, skyrocketing from 33% in 2021 to 70% in 2023. This change indicates a more commercial focus for the profession as businesses strive to maximize revenue amidst market challenges.

Despite these changes, the Customer Success field offers competitive salaries. Those with 4-6 years of experience can expect to earn at least £45K, with an average salary of £65K. Professionals with 10+ years of experience can potentially earn up to £140K.

Technical roles often receive higher starting salaries compared to commercial positions. For instance, a Pre Sales hire with 4-6 years of experience can expect an average salary of $55K, while a Customer Success role offers £50K.

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Movers in the Market: Addressing Retention Issues

The top reason for professionals leaving their current roles is a lack of progression. Surprisingly, the second most common reason is a poor work environment. Companies should address these issues as a staggering 55% of respondents are considering a career move in 2023.

Salary satisfaction has increased, with 39% of those surveyed expressing contentment with their earnings, up from 35% in the previous year. This improvement suggests that salary may not be as significant a factor in employee dissatisfaction as poor work environments.

By understanding these trends and addressing the factors influencing employee satisfaction, companies can attract and retain top talent in the increasingly competitive field of Customer Success and Account Management.

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