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One of the perks of being a recruiter in the digital space is the office tours of our client...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

One of the perks of being a recruiter in the digital space is the office tours of our clients' spaces. It helps us to build a picture for the candidates we speak to and more importantly, office spaces can help you stand out from the crowd. 

But should you chase the 'office goals' hashtag? 

I would say yes! Your office plays a massive part in your team culture and your overall well-being at work. I’ve been to offices with some truly unique and awesome features:

From a Technology company with a local taxi inside unique to each global office to a British company with offices in New York that have an English themed pub in the office. We've seen office spaces with meeting rooms modeled around a house where the lobby was turned into a garden, and the meeting rooms were morphed into a 'man-cave'.

Companies are stepping up their creativity across London and further afield: 

  • Nerf gun on their desk just in case battle commences
  • Sleep pods,
  • A glam room,
  • Half pipes,
  • A slide,
  • Beach huts,
  • A running track,
  • A cinema,
  • An office dog
  • and my personal favorite... old school mobile phones hanging on the wall (including my 1st phone the Nokia 5416)!
What's the point? 

Whether you implement a break out space or can afford to go all out and build a wellness centre... your office space supports your values. It can highlight what is important to you and your team. 
I have seen office spaces that are full of energy because of the addition of unique spaces like the ones above. And in a world that is increasingly digital, having an area your employees enjoy taking pictures in can help develop a bigger brand presence, which is great for attracting new talent and promoting your business online. 

What are some of the best offices you've worked in and what makes your workspace unique?
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