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Our teams work with an array of marketing specialists, adept at targeting businesses and consumers to drive company growth.

Covering all seniority levels and specialisms our highly-knowledgeable team work with some of the most sought after brands and agencies supplying them with top-tier talent to develop their brand and engage with their audiences in new and diverse ways.

Specialists in:

Companies we've helped grow

                           Logos of companies who have hired marketeers

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Live Vacancies

  • Contract - PPC Manager - 4 weeks - £300pd(inside IR35)

    £300 - £301 per day + REMOTE

    I have an exciting new contract looking for a PPC Manager! The job: Supporting more junior members of the team in day-to-day optimisation & management across four clie...

    1 day ago
  • Customer Success Manager

    US$80000 - US$90000 per annum + Bonus Structure

    E-Commerce Customer Success Manager - Internet Publishing Business Connecting Consumers and Brands - Remote - $80K - $90K + Bonus The Company: This company offers a di...

    3 days ago
  • Initial 2 Month Contract - PPC Exec/Manager - Media Agency

    £250 - £260 per day

    Contract - PPC Senior Exec/Account Manager (2 Months Initially) - Media Agency - £250-£260 Per Day - Outside IR35 Hi all. I am currently supporting a media agency in f...

    5 days ago
  • Biddable Manager


    Biddable Account Manager - Independent Agency The Company A leading independent and international media agency that connects people to brands. Their media strategies a...

    6 days ago
  • Paid Media Manager


    Paid Media Manager - Independent Agency The Company Started in 2009, this is an independent digital marketing agency, focused on delivering performance media for our c...

    6 days ago
  • Graduate Social Media and Influencer Marketing Executive


    Graduate Social Media and Influencer Marketing Executive, Media Agency, London, £21,000 - £24,000 The Company Our client is an established Media Agency working with so...

    6 days ago
  • Product Manager

    £45000 - £50000 per annum

    The company My client are the data, technology and analytics division of the world's leading marketing communications company. They use their industry leading marketin...

    7 days ago
  • Senior Digital Communications Officer

    £35000 - £37000 per annum

    Job Title: Senior Digital Communications Location: HQ South (Kidlington, Oxfordshire) Reports to: Digital & Creative Services Manager Direct Line Management: NA Salary...

    9 days ago
  • Social Media Manager

    Up to £40000.00 per annum

    Social Media Manager Recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the worlds most admired companies, this is a great opportunity to gain some solid experience working with...

    9 days ago
  • FTC - PPC Manager - £70k Pro Rata

    Up to £70000 per annum + Pro-Rata

    My client, a major network agency, are looking for a PPC AM to help lead their account with a major finance brand. Your role will involve a mixture of hands on and str...

    9 days ago
  • SEO Account Manager

    Up to £45000.00 per annum + EXCELLENT BENEFITS

    SEO Account Manager- Media Agency London. Salary up to £45,000 I am currently recruiting for the opportunity to join a multi award-winning SEO team working for the wor...

    9 days ago
  • Contract - Senior Paid Social Manager - OUTSIDE IR35


    I have a senior paid social manager contract, working with an exciting client! - One month rolling contract - (outsisde IR35) - Blend of big brand activity & e-commerc...

    10 days ago
  • Qubit

    Sphere’s professionalism and dedication to finding the right talent for our business has kept us coming back over the years. Sphere have been a great partner to have as we have scaled the business.

    MD EMEA, Qubit
  • GroupM

    Ed's whole business model is set up to move in an agile fashion and reflect the landscape of fast paced media and tech environments. Sphere are able to “tap into” passive candidate communities in a way that our other partners can’t… I see Sphere as a game changer in this space and I'm glad we get to play the same game together.

    Emy Rumble-Mettle, GroupM
  • Time inc

    Rebecca has recruited freelance Project Managers for me on a number of occasions. She's always quick to understand and respond to a brief, and I have total trust in her recommendations - testament to her experience and knowledge of the market

    Projects Director, Time Inc
  • Mediacom

    I have worked closely with Sphere for a number of years now. The consultants are completely invested in delivering a superior service and continually provide exceptional candidates who understand the complex layers of the media landscape. I have no hesitation recommending their services as their approach is transparent and effective

    Talent Acquisition Lead, Mediacom
  • Urban Outfitters

    One of the hardest working companies I have ever met. They are always available, happy to help and most importantly, they only have the best interests in mind for their clients. Their advice is outstanding, beyond my expectations, and I will definitely recommend working with Sphere.

    Head of Talent, Urban Outfitters
  • Innergy

    I work with a number of award winning businesses and business leaders who have differentiated themselves from the competition through delivering consistently excellent customer experiences. I would not hesitate to (and don’t) describe and use Sphere as the benchmark for customer centricity and customer experience leadership.

    Gordon Stoddart, Innergy
  • Vinted

    When I moved from London to Berlin I found the agencies unable to get to grips with what we needed so reached out to the team at Sphere International. They fully understood the requirements for the role and delivered at speed. Within hours they'd managed to find a number of candidates who fitted the profile we were looking for, speeding up the whole process

    Eddy Jackson, Head of Marketing, Vinted
  • Collective

    I love working with Sam and the Graduate team. She got to know me and my business, getting familiar with our roles and environment. As a result, Sam only introduces me to candidates that are a good fit for my team and who would thrive at the company.

    Senior Manager, Ad Ops & Client Services, Collective
  • Venatus

    I've been doing this for 20 years and have worked with just about every recruitment company there is. Sphere are by far the most professional and best team we have worked with.

    Rob Gay, CEO, Venatus
  1. Qubit
  2. GroupM
  3. Time inc
  4. Mediacom
  5. Urban Outfitters
  6. Innergy
  7. Vinted
  8. Collective
  9. Venatus
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