22Feb, 2023

Humans vs Tech: Survival of the fittest or the dynamic duo?

By Ed Steer

CEO & Founder

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AI, Automation... Explore the intersection of humanity and technology, the opportunities & challenges of this rapidly changing advertising landscape


Ed Steer

CEO & Founder

Guest Speakers

Rob Garber

Managing Director UK at GumGum

Steven Filler

Country Manager UK at ShowHeroes Group

The Digital Voice

Amy Wright

Head of Strategy, Automated Creative

Jonathan Harrison

Digital Strategy and Transformation Lead, the7stars

Charlotte Ashton

Agency Sales Manager, SeenThis

Jay Richards

Co-Founder of Imagen Insights

Victoria Pindar

VP Sales, Exit Bee

About this event

It’s 2023, and *dinosaur alert* if you, like us, can still remember the box that used to be attached to the back of your computer, you’ll agree when we say technology has come a long way.

But accompanying these advances, there’s undoubtedly some unease around the idea that technology is not only hugely advanced - but it’s overtaking us in its capabilities. So, do we inform and control technology, or does technology now inform and control us?

Join us on the 22nd February for an insightful morning filled with expert speakers discussing the issues in an invigorating debate, a tasty breakfast, and an ultimate answer to the question - is it survival of the fittest, or can humans and tech proceed forward as the dynamic duo we started out as?


Rob Garber, MD UK at GumGum

Amy Wright, Head of Strategy at Automated Creative

Jonathan Harrison, Digital Strategy and Transformation at The7Stars

Charlotte Ashton, Sales Manager at SeenThis

Steven Filler, Country Manager UK at ShowHeroes

Jay Richards, Co-Founder of Imagen Insights 

Victoria Pindar, VP of Sales at ExitBee 

08:30-09:00 Breakfast and Barista Coffee

09:00-11:00 Keynote presentations from Automated Creative and GumGum; panel on Humans Vs Tech, followed by a Q&A

11:00 Optional networking

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