B2B Marketing

Business to Business marketing (B2B) refers to any marketing strategies that are aimed at reaching other businesses. B2B marketing managers are responsible for developing and executing strategies and driving sales from another business back to your business.

B2B Marketing Roles

B2B marketing allows for other businesses to know and understand your brand and convert them into customers and make purchases directly through them. Some examples of B2B companies and how they work include:

  • A marketing software that sells social media management tools
  • An organisation that leases office space to businesses
  • A large-scale printing service that prints solely for businesses

B2B marketing is different to businesses that sell to consumers (B2C/DTC/D2C) as B2B focuses on selling directly to other businesses whereas B2C/DTC focus on selling directly to the consumer. Examples of B2B businesses include the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and FedEx.

Landing a job in B2B marketing doesn’t require a specific level of education, however, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is helpful for landing a role, and a requirement for some organisations.

For a managerial role, it is often a necessity that you have demonstrated experience in a managerial position, leading or managing a team successfully.

Typical responsibilities of a B2B marketing jobs include:

  • Developing and executing marketing campaigns
  • Identifying new business opportunities through analysing industry trends
  • Building reports of marketing campaigns
  • Identifying opportunities for growth based on customer wants and needs
  • Increasing awareness and the perceived value of the business

Within B2B marketing, typical job roles include

  • B2B marketing manager
  • Growth marketing manager
  • Lead generation manager
  • Demand generation manager

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