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Creative services jobs are growing in-demand, with the number of jobs increasing as companies begin to expand their creative teams. That being said, there is a large skill shortage within the UK, meaning it can be difficult to fill these roles. If you do have the necessary skills, not only will you not struggle to find a job, you will also be in a position to negotiate a better salary. Creative roles are becoming needed across all industries; however, the most popular industries include marketing, public relations (PR), and sales.

The creative industry is constantly evolving with new ideas and ways of thinking. It is prime time to be in the creative industry due to the amount of investment companies are beginning to put into their creative teams, realising the value of their work. Despite this, the creative industry has the highest level of self-employment rate, young people in particular prefer being able to be freelance and work on a range of different and varied projects.

The types of roles available in the creative services include: 

  • Product Design 
  • Digital Design
  • Media
  • Copywriting 
  • Advertising
  • Branding 
  • Events 

Landing a role in creative services

Whilst there are a number of skills employers look for in creative roles, arguably the most important factor hiring managers will look out for is experience in mobile and mobile design, web design and development.

Seeing as everything is becoming digital, it is expected that you should be up to date with the latest digital trends, additionally you should not only be an expert in your field, but should have a strong understanding of all areas of the creative sector.

Landing a role in the creative services usually requires a bachelor’s degree in a creative field such as art, graphic design or media.

However, the most important thing when applying for creative roles is your portfolio, it would be ideal to work on this as early on as you can. Not only should this look high standard visually, showing off your skills and abilities, you should also be confident talking through it – your thoughts, ideas, what worked, and what didn’t.

Recruiters see hundreds of CVs while looking for the right person to fit the role. On average, it takes a recruiter 25 seconds to look through a CV. It is an incredibly small amount of time, which is why making a strong first impression is important. 

Along with showcasing your personal accomplishments, you would need to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in these disciplines. With successes, although you may be keen to demonstrate everything you have achieved, this is not the proper approach when producing a CV and you want to draw out the highlights and key nuggets of information.

Select the accomplishments that are most pertinent to the position, move them to the top, and then add one or two more to serve as talking points.

Interviews for product and creative roles will usually involve typical interview style questions to assess your skills, abilities and suitability to the role. Depending on the type of role you are applying for, it is common for candidates to be expected to present a portfolio of their previous work. Not only does this need to showcase your skills, you must be able to speak through this clearly. 

Once you have presented your work, be prepared to answer questions about your portfolio - what aspects went well, what you would improve in future. The latter question is a particularly important question to prepare to answer, you want to be able to reflectively speak about what you would do next time, as opposed to solely speaking about what went wrong or what you didn’t like about the project - it is how you would use the lessons from this in the future that hiring managers will be interested in hearing.

What salary can you expect in a career in creative services? 

Salary expectations across the product and creative services can vary depending on the specific job role you are in. For instance, you can expect higher salaries in jobs in UX and product design in comparison to graphic design or web designer roles.

Product Managers typically start with a salary of £24,000-£30,000 and those with more than 10 years' experience earn from £125,000+

Bonuses are increasingly more common, typically in the form of a discretionary bonus, though shares and equity are also becoming more prominent. 


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