CRM marketers use the information from CRM systems to devise different marketing strategies for different audiences. This means the correct information is reaching the desired audiences that the content is intended for.

CRM Roles

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) jobs involve devising marketing strategies using data from CRM systems, examples of these systems include:

  • Bullhorn
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Dynamics

CRM systems contain all information companies need regarding how customers or clients interact with their business, for instance who follows them on social media, who is subscribed to their email, list or who they’re currently working with to find a job role.


As with many other digital marketing roles, CRM jobs are becoming increasingly valuable to companies and as a result the demand for CRM specialists has grown significantly.

CRM became the largest software market in 2017 and was the fastest growing in 2018.

Landing a job in CRM will require you to be technically minded with good knowledge of complex databases, however you will also need to be able to simplify this data and communicate in a comprehensive manner. The ability to consume, analyse and manage data will be a large requirement of the role.

No specific qualifications are required from CRM roles, so experience is largely relied on, a history of using CRM systems will be a basic requirement, but also being able to demonstrate stats from past campaigns that you worked on will be expected. In an interview, be prepared to discuss the CRM systems you have used and have experience with.

CRM skills are expected to be high in demand due to a shortage of candidates, this also means that higher salaries can be demanded from those with the required skills. CRM salaries can expect to range from £25,000 up to £90,000 plus.

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