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Out of home marketing (OOH), also referred to as outdoor media or out of home media, is any marketing or advertising consumers will experience outside of the home. This includes buses, taxis, billboards, posters, and digital screens that can be viewed outside.

Out of Home Roles

Despite the demand for OOH marketing staying consistent over the years, the industry is excited to see the developments that are coming in the future for real time advertising, and a combination of advances in technology, programmatic and the benefits of real-world ads means that this is unavoidable for advertisers.

The benefit of using out of home advertising as opposed to just in house marketing, is that out of home marketing cannot be avoided/ turned off/ skipped. It was found that out of home marketing reaches over 90% of the UK each week and delivers around 2.1 billion impressions. It has also been found that out of home provides a higher reach than other major media platforms, such as TV, radio, and magazines.

Out of home is beneficial for building brands and drives all levels of metrics in the brand funnel, from awareness to consideration, it can then deliver activation due to the advances in digital capabilities.

Digital advances have been an integral part of out of home marketing, with traditional posters taking two weeks to create and install, whereas now adverts can be created digitally within a fraction of the time. 

Using Automated technology to buy and manage ad spots, brands and agencies has meant companies are able to cut delivery times down and make ‘real time’ decisions.

Interactive platforms are now also becoming a large part of out of home advertising, allowing consumers to not only observe adverts but interact with them too, this allows you to entertain and build relationships with brands in real life creating a stronger and deeper connection with your consumers.

JCDecaux are an example of a company who utilise out of home advertising/marketing, listen to our Podcast to hear more about out of home.

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