From start-up to scale-up with Ben Williams, KILN

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing and Talent Manager at Sphere Digital Recruitment

Advertising is a $5 billion industry and the average attention span is 5 seconds… so how do you compete?

This week we're joined by Ben Williams, founder and managing director of Kiln. Kiln is a growth agency, working with founders in the media-tech space with a focus on strategy, business development and product.

In 2019, Kiln supported the founders they work with to raise over 2.5 million dollars in funding.

In this episode, we dived into how successful companies get started, innovation and hyper-growth in the media tech space

Ben has over 20-years’ product and business development experience across the media, entertainment and technology industries. He is passionate about driving innovation, and has held senior positions at Apple, InMobi and Channel 4.


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