Hiring for culture-add not culture-fit with Kitty Day, Head of Talent at A Million Ads

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing and Talent Manager at Sphere Digital Recruitment

For anyone looking to grow their teams in the coming months and create a hiring process that centers around focusing on the right values and behaviours then this episode isn’t one to be missed.

Amy speaks to Kitty Day, Head of Talent at A Million Ads, the personalisation experts who help their clients harness data to create personalised advertising with more context and relevance to better connect with people.

Kitty shares her experiences of how to create a culture that’s transparent, inclusive and fun, as well as why A Million Ads concentrate on hiring for culture-add rather than culture-fit.

For more information on A Million Ads and how they’re helping their clients leverage the power of proper personalisation to drive their campaigns and create more powerful engagement, make sure to visit their website: https://www.amillionads.com/

Kitty Day: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kitty-day-ba7739b0/

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