Inclusive Hiring for Neurodivergent Talent with Jennie Child, Founder of Balance

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing and Talent Manager at Sphere Digital Recruitment

Looking for insights on how to make recruitment and hiring more accessible and inclusive for everyone? 

In the second episode of our  'Leading with Inclusion' series on the Life in Digital podcast we're joined by the brilliant Jennie Child, Founder of Balance, to talk about inclusive hiring for neurodivergent talent.

Jennie shares what hidden barriers and unintentional biases can exist within the hiring process. How "culture fit" in the creative and media industries can lead to homogeneity and exclusion.

Jennie also emphasizes the importance of making adjustments and accommodations for candidates during the hiring process and recognizes the challenges that neurodivergent individuals may face in getting accurately diagnosed with conditions like autism.

This episode offers valuable insights into how we can create a more inclusive and accessible hiring process for all individuals. 


Jennie Child:


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