Let's talk about privacy: Balancing reach and accuracy with Covatic

By Ed Steer

CEO and Founder at Sphere Digital Recruitment

Today’s episode features Sarah Lawson Johnston, Chief Revenue Officer at Covatic, a trailblazer in helping media companies deliver addressable advertising while protecting personal data.

Sarah was part of the early Covatic team that, as far back as 2017, bet on privacy becoming a make-or-break issue in online advertising. Its prescience paid off: Covatic counts Bauer and Comcast among its clients and completed a US$5 million Series A fundraising in May. She was made Chief Revenue Officer of the company in 2023. 

As the advertising industry scrambles to get to grips with the death of third-party cookies and increasing legislation, Sarah gives us her on-the-ground take on the state of digital privacy. 

Visit Covatic to learn more about how you can protect user privacy while maximising addressable reach. 

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