Taking the profit out of piracy with Peter Szyszko, CEO and Founder of White Bullet

By Ed Steer

CEO and Founder at Sphere Digital Recruitment

The amount of pirate websites and apps is on the rise and it’s now easier than ever to find and consume content via channels that are engaged in IP crime.

It’s estimated that the top pirate web domains earn around $7 million in ad revenue annually.

In this week’s episode of the Life in Digital Podcast, Ed chats with Peter Szyszko, CEO and Founder of White Bullet, a software company that sits at the intersection of content protection and brand safety.

Whether you work for a brand, publisher, agency or have any involvement with the world of online advertising, this week’s episode promises to provide you with some interesting insight into the murky world of digital piracy, and what companies need to do to protect their IP and ensure their brand is safe online.

Peter Szyszko: www.linkedin.com/in/peterszyszko

White Bullet: www.white-bullet.com

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