UX jobs (User Experience Design) encompass the usability of a website, a UX designer will plan the user journey throughout the site so that it flows with ease and is “user friendly”. To do this they will create wireframes and tools to bring this to life. 

UX Roles

Once the planning is done, the UX designer will pass this onto a UI (User Interface) designer to work on the visual side of the website or product and how a user interacts with it. UX is the first stage in the process, before UI, and involves a lot of research in order to establish the direction and goal. UX designers work across products, services, and interfaces, whereas UI solely focus on interface.

With a growing demand for designers, UX jobs will be growing inline with this, as the role is becoming a top priority for businesses. Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are now seeing a need for UX designers, given the movement into the digital world. With the evolution of the internet and technology, it is now crucial that app and web development is top quality in order to make an impact on consumers and compete in the market against competitors.

Ensuring a clean, easy to use design for apps and websites is no longer a desire but an upmost requirement to appeal to digital audiences and survive in a very competitive, fast paced market.

Landing a job in UX often requires designers to have a bachelor’s degree in a creative background such as art, graphics, or digital media, whilst this is not yet a necessity when applying, it is likely that it will become a necessity for the role in the future. 

You will need to provide a portfolio with examples of your design work, demonstrating your skills and abilities with different designs, techniques, and tools – this should be submitted alongside your CV/application.

Be prepared to discuss your previous experience of projects you have worked on, being able to talk through and present your portfolio. This is a good opportunity for you to speak in detail about your ideas and your role within the project, perhaps if you took lead on the design, any challenges you faced and how these were overcome. Average starting salaries in UX design are typically much higher than a digital design role due to the technical nature of the role; UX architects command high salaries of £50,000-£150,000+. 

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