Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative (SDR) jobs are often entry-level, aimed at graduates or school leavers. They tend to be hired into SaaS and Marketing Technology Vendors where they prospect clients and generate leads through a sales pipeline towards those responsible for closing sales. 

SDR Roles

SDRs are similar to the roles of Business Development Representatives (BDRs), however, SDRs focus more on inbound leads whereas BDRs typically focus on outbound leads. 

Sales Development Representative roles are more than just selling a product or service, these roles, much like BDR roles, need to form good relationships with leads, presenting high levels of knowledge of both the product/service they are selling but also of the company they are in contact with, and their needs. 

Having a strong commercial awareness, communicating with prospects through both email and more importantly calls (cold calling), and prepping them to pass over to someone more senior. SDRs aid sales executives by ensuring all clients are prospected and they are focusing on qualified leads.

Landing an SDR job does not require specific education, as with BDRs, a clear drive to work in a sales role is important. Communication skills are a key requirement of this job type as a large percentage of your role will involve talking with prospects over the phone or in person. 

Listening is vital, as an SDR role requires you to listen to the needs of the business and explain why your product or service will solve their business problems. Being able to provide clarification and presenting probing questions to learn more are good indicators of being a good listener, and will be essential in conversations with prospective clients. 

Again, although previous experience is not always required, you will be expected in SDR jobs to use platforms such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM software, so knowledge of these tools will only further aid in your application. 

Like BDRs, SDRs also earn commission when targets are met, and the amount of commission you can earn within a role varies between companies, with some being structured to a percentage and others being uncapped. 

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