Sphere Sales Academy

What is the Sphere Sales Academy?

Sphere’s sales academy delivers best in class sales training for people who are taking their first role in sales, or, those who are in the early part of their career in sales.

We offer the sales academy training as part of our recruitment service or simply as an add on when you're hiring. This training can be conducted both at your offices or at ours or virtually if you're managing your sales team remotely - whatever suits your business better! 

Call us or email to speak with our team about what options are available:

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How do delegates learn?

  • Interactive workshops, led by professional sales trainers
  • 1-2-1 coaching, post-course coaching to build habits that last
  • Bespoke sessions, to suit the needs of your business 

What are the modules?

Over the course of 4 modules*, delegates will learn (click through the modules to see them in more detail):

*total course length is 30 hours though we have bespoke options tailored to your needs. 

Yours to take away

Each of the workshops is supported with clear, concise, easy-to-use templates, crib sheets and ideas for further reading and research.

We provide clear, simple guidelines, ideas and resource centers to research potential customers and to generate leads, map businesses and contacts (including contact email addresses and phone numbers) to gain insight on target customers. 

Ongoing learning and building habits that last

All delegates will receive up to 3 hours of coaching after the course.

These 2-1 sessions are a great place to monitor the progress that is being made, identify areas of further development and coach new hires through their first 3 months selling, once they have completed the Sphere Sales Training Academy.

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How can we work with Sphere?

Option 1: Hire and learn together

Working with Sphere Future Talent, we can source and secure the very best talent for you, whether that is through 1-2-1 interviews or group assessments.

Once you have secured your next sales superstar, they will attend the Sphere Sales Academy, this can be either a “one-off” hire or a group of new starters.  

Sphere's Sales Academy training can take place to fit around your induction schedule. It can be concluded before they join your business or at any time within their first six months of joining the business, virtually or in person - Whatever best suits your onboarding process!

Option 2: Simply Sales Training

If you do not need to use Sphere to hire sales talent for your business you can use the Sphere Sales Academy for your new recruits and your existing team members on a one-off basis or for a group of delegates.

Build a course that works for each and every individual in your team, picking as many, or as few, of the sessions as you think that they need.

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Bespoke Learning

Sphere can review your existing training and create bespoke sales training and the supporting collateral to deliver the training that your business needs. Naturally, we can deliver this training with you, or, we can create the content for your team to deliver.

Career Development Planning and Retaining and Growing your People

Great training needs to be continuous; connecting people’s learning needs and their career and onward path in a business is the very best way to develop talent that enables your business to grow.

Sphere has developed a number of competency and behaviour led career development plans that can be adapted to suit your business

Get in touch with us

Call us or email to speak with our team about what options are available:

Email / Call on 0203 728 2973

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