Beyond Trends: Navigating Social & Influencer Marketing in 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended our Beyond Trends: Navigating Social and Influencer Marketing in 2024.A huge thanks to our panellists who brought...

By Eda Osman

Marketing Manager

Thank you to everyone who attended our Beyond Trends: Navigating Social and Influencer Marketing in 2024.

A huge thanks to our panellists who brought some incredible insights to the table:

Ben Jeffries: Ben Jeffries is the CEO of Influencer, the originators of influencer marketing. Under Jeffries' leadership, Influencer has a team of 120+ of the best talent in the industry, working globally with offices across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. From Google to Coca-Cola, from Amazon to Microsoft, and from TikTok to Meta - they work with companies, brands, and agencies across every vertical, building meaningful relationships between brands, creators, and their audiences. 
Ben is an award-winning entrepreneur, with awards from Forbes 30 Under 30 to BMW Entrepreneur of the Year, and has previously spoken at global events such as Cannes Lions, Web Summit, Facebook, TikTok, Advertising Week, and Social Media Week, plus many more.

Tom Sweeney: Tom Sweeney is Global Vice President of Influencer at Brainlabs, the high-performance media agency. He is an award-winning leader in social media and community management. His previous roles include running Social Chain’s gaming division, where he built the world’s most-viewed social media gaming community, and Managing Director of Kyma Media, the specialist games and sports media publisher. His career started in the games industry, with roles such as Brand & Communications Director for FACEIT - the competitive gaming platform, and Head of Community Management for Jagex Games Studio, the makers of RuneScape.

Imogen Coles: UK Influence Lead and Managing Partner at Ogilvy, Imogen was recently named one of the top 30 trailblazing women in Influencer Marketing. Imogen has been a social and influence specialist for over 10 years, and alongside her team of over 40, has led global influence strategies for the likes of Bacardi, Unilever, TCCC and J&J. A creator in her own right, Imogen brings a unique perspective from both sides of the industry. 

Adam Clyne: Coolr  was founded in 2017 by Adam Clyne, a renowned leader in the digital space with over two decades of experience.  Before  Coolr, Adam was the COO of the  LADbible Group and the  Head of  Digital for the public relations firm, Weber Shandwick.  He has taken three agencies to be EMEA Digital Agency of the Year and loves tech,  memes,  and hummus. Coolr is an award-winning independent social media agency on a mission to reinvent water cooler moments for the digital age – that’s why it’s called Coolr. 

We are aware that this video cuts short at the end - we are in the process of amending this as we need to edit some of the footage at the end! Thank you for your patience.

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