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This week Sphere joined Marie Wright, life coach at Bold Bean Coaching, for a grou...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

This week Sphere joined Marie Wright, life coach at Bold Bean Coaching, for a group coaching session to share some coping mechanisms and ways of staying focused and motivated in the current climate. 

Marie has worked wonders across the business, with 1:1 sessions with our consultants, over the past 9 months and we're pleased to share some notes from our group session with her.  

Practical actions you can take to improve your mindset:
  • Be compassionate with yourself 
    • We’re all trying our best and it’s important to not be hard on yourself.

  • Have faith
    • As a human race, we can handle anything, no matter how tough

  • Are you writing a story about the future that is filling you with dread?
    • Ask yourself what is the story you're making up and remind yourself it’s not the truth.
    • We can’t predict the future so worrying about things that may, or may not happen, is a waste of energy.

  • Can we think about what the learning is that we can take from this time?
    • Life tries to teach you something you haven't already learned and life will keep trying to teach you it until you actually learn it 

  • Ask who you want to be during this time? Am I aligned to my values (see Brene Brown's list of values (, and try to align with the ones you intuitively feel drawn to) 
  • If you’re procrastinating… What's the next one thing you can do?  
    • A helpful way of getting out of feeling stuck or demotivated 

  • The power of choice
    • Empowering way to think of every task as being something we chose to do...
    • ... I choose to pair my children's socks 
    • ... I choose to cook dinner 

  • Find a quiet time for reflection each day or each week 
    • You could try to write it down 

  • Practicing gratitude
    • We look back at times before Covid-19 and there are so many things to be grateful for. Can we take the time each day to find something to be grateful for?

Other points that came up in the coaching session: 

What are your core values?

… (see Brene Brown -

Your new definition of success

…re-define what success means to you during this time

What beliefs are you holding on to that you can let go of?

… There are a lot of beliefs that don't serve you - let them go. This comes back to who do you want to be during this time?

Marie's Reading List: 
  • Susan David - Emotional Agility (book, Ted Talk, Ted Conversations, LinkedIn posts, Podcasts). Highly recommend having a read / listen to her.
  • Susan Jeffers - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (book)
  • Danielle La Porte - The Desire Map (book about working out how you want to feel and then setting your goals around those feelings. Book is part learning and part workbook to figure out for yourself). I highly recommend this as an exercise to do.
  • Positive Intelligence - Shirzad Chamine (Book, Ted Talk, Website (, free online assessment and report to find out your saboteurs and he also has some online videos that you might find helpful)
  • The Relationship Handbook - Dr. George Pransky. I’ve just read this book and found it to be a game changer for all relationships. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • Everything is Figureoutable - Marie Forleo (Book)
  • Dr. Kristin Neff - Self Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurities Behind (AMAZING book!)
  • Elizabeth Gilbert and others - Ted Conversations during Covid -19 (special series during the pandemic that you can Google and find)
  • Brene Brown - she is my hero and I love all her books. I recommend her books “Daring Greatly” and “Dare to Lead”, and watching her Ted Talks, her Netflix talk called “The Call to Courage” (one hour and 15 minutes long), and having a look at her website ( where there is a lot of helpful material, including a list of values to choose from. I am also attaching her list of values in this email for ease.

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