We have seen an increase in jobs of over 300% across Product Management based on data compar...


We have seen an increase in jobs of over 300% across Product Management based on data comparing roles in the UK from June 2020 to June 2021. Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we have seen such an increase, there are a few key indicators...

According to a recent report by the Telegraph, investment in UK tech companies hit a record £13.4bn in 2020 and had already reached £5.3bn by the end of Q1 2021.

Whilst technology companies fared relatively well during the early days of the pandemic many companies took a cautious approach to hiring during Q2 and Q3, creating a backlog of essential hires.

Furthermore, where redundancies were made, there has been an acute and sustained effort to backfill these roles.

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​Interview processes have taken the brunt of this increase in jobs. Businesses are faced with multiple rounds of first-stage interviews as candidates quickly move off the market and in many instances, their preferred hire falls from their grasp at the very last moment. There have been some positives however as candidates who previously wouldn't consider a move are now more open to roles. 

We surveyed 47,606 people who voted 2 interviews as the maximum in a recruitment process. 

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Increase in jobs broken down by industry (data compares June 2020 and June 2021):

  • Ecommerce 200%
  • Agencies 1414%
  • Ad Tech 260% 
  • Marketing Technology 217%
  • SaaS 183%
  • Fin Tech 400%
  • Media Owners 383%

If you're hiring or looking for a new opportunity, please get in touch with me directly: 

Rob Moss
Senior Manager - Marketing & Analytics

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