The Manchester job market is soaring

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The Manchester job market is soaring, and here's why...Renowned in the North of England as a...

By Amy Halls

Senior Marketing & Talent Manager

The Manchester job market is soaring, and here's why...

Renowned in the North of England as an innovative city, Manchester is continuing to be a hot spot for jobs.

Recent data from TotalJobs found that the Manchester job market is performing well, over the past two years the city has seen a 39% rise in jobs. This is not only great news for candidates but for companies looking to move out of the high prices of London without losing out on top-tier talent. 

This isn't news for a lot of businesses: between 2010 and 2018, start-ups accounted for 90% in new businesses establishing themselves in Manchester.

Manchester bridge in Salford Quays

The city has built its reputation as a home for media, with Media City launching in Salford Quays back in 2013, bringing broadcasting giants the BBC and ITV to Manchester. Customer Service and Technology are thriving industries – these sectors see up to 20,000 job applications every month. Transport and Logistics have seen an even bigger boom, with an 81% increase in job applications from May 2018.

I know we mention this every time, but Manchester really does have a lot to offer for those who live and work there. It boasts half the total household rent of London ((£496 vs. £1,053), meaning money goes further. Plus, a good work-life balance (as Mancunians report the lowest over time compared to other Northern cities including Leeds and Newcastle), means that workers have plenty of spare time to enjoy their city.

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