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This year, Sphere Digital's CEO and Founder, Ed Steer is hosting a series of interviews with leaders in the digital sector. Join us each month for an in-depth look into new technology and insights into how businesses and teams are growing in 2021. Subscribe to the Life in Digital Podcast.

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Episode Two: Creating Exceptional Virtual Onboarding Experiences 

For most businesses, remote onboarding and managing a more remote workforce has become a priority since March 2019.

Businesses that can hire, develop and retain talent as the world evolves will hold a competitive advantage.

Attracting, training and retaining the very best talent, that powers your business, has never been more important.

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz, Founder at Polymensa, has researched 41 carefully selected agencies and technology vendors to understand what makes a “best in class” virtual onboarding experience.

Ed caught up with Daniel to share his findings...

Listen to the full episode: 

Download the full 'best in class' onboarding report here. 

Episode One: Partnerships… an untapped wave of growth

“I’m a big believer in a more diverse internet, and I think that’s part of what partnerships do. They create more and more relationships rather than everyone stuck having to work with Facebook and Google."

This week we’re joined by Owen Hancock, Marketing Director, EMEA at Impact – a partnership automation platform that enables better, more effective partnerships across the marketing lifecycle at scale.

In this episode of the Life in Digital Podcast, we look at how Owen, and the team at Impact, are helping businesses identify partnership opportunities and leverage their value as the world around us continues to change and evolve.

Owen and Ed touch on the change in trends over the last 12 months, brought on in part due to COVID-19, but also a change in the ways in which brands want to reach their target audiences.

Finally, Owen shares some great insights into how, as a global business, Impact brilliantly dealt with the challenges of 2020, the effects that change and uncertainty had on its team, and how they are kicking on this year and continuing to go from strength to strength.

Listen to the full episode: 

Check out Impact and the work they’re doing with brands to deliver true value from their partnership opportunities:

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