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Season four

​The Life in Digital podcast Season Four, explores into the lives and businesses of those working in the digital sector. This year we're understanding the makeup of the industry and what is driving change: from diversity and inclusion to retaining the best talent, we're hearing from the leaders in the space about what the future looks like. 

Life in Digital, Monthly Episodes hosted by Ed Steer, CEO & Founder of Sphere Digital (click here) ​​

Join us each month for an in-depth look into new technology and insights into how businesses and teams are growing in 2022. 
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Episode Three: Optimising Optimisation

In a post cookie world, it Is crucial for ads to be equally creative and contextualised with substance that engages consumers and ultimately provides agencies with results to measure.

‘Over three quarters of UK consumers (79%) are more comfortable seeing online ads that are relevant to the web page they appear within than ads that are based on their browsing history.’ (GumGum, 2022)

Peter Wallace, SVP of Sales from GumGum, has joined Ed Steer on our latest episode of our Life in Digital Podcast to uncover how digital advertising technology is evolving and where the growth areas are for the industry in the years’ ahead. 

If you want to find out more about this acquisition or how the digital advertising industry is evolving listen to Peter Wallace on our Life in Digital Podcast or visit their website: 

Gum Gum Podcast

Listen to the full episode:

Episode Two: Can data clean rooms transform ad tech?

"During a time where the Ad Tech industry has been disrupted due to cookies being banished and new legislations strengthening the protection of consumer data.

It has ultimately forced brands and publishers to explore new ways of making use of their data sets without compromising consumer data privacy."  

James PrudhommeCRO at Optable, joins Ed on this week’s episode of our Life in Digital Podcast which goes into detail about the emergence of data clean rooms in the Ad Tech industry and how this platform creates a secure and legislatively compliant space for companies who are tackling the loss of third-party cookies. 

To find out more about Optable's platform and data clean rooms, please visit their website:

Listen to the full episode:

Episode One: Facing Unconscious Biases, Gender Gaps & Inequality. 

'Unconscious gender bias can exist at every level of an organisation, not just at the office level, or in middle-management. This ‘multi-level’ discrimination can impact organisations by denying women a voice in key decision-making processes.'

To kick off our year on the Life in Digital podcast, we have a special episode for International Women’s Day: Karen Carter, COO of Bloom goes into depth on how industries can tackle unconscious gender biases, barriers women face to equality and shining light on the overall challenges women encounter in the workplace.

To find out more about Bloom's mission on tackling these challenges, please visit their website: 

Click below to watch the trailer: 

International Woman's Day

Listen to the full episode:

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