Understanding Micro-Moments with Jahanzeb Alvi, Growth Director at Exit Bee

By Ed Steer

CEO and Founder at Sphere Digital Recruitment

“Everyone chases engagement…that space is very crowded – why not look at disengagement?”

On this week’s episode of the Life in Digital podcast, Ed spoke with Jahanzeb Alvi, Growth Director at Exit Bee to discuss consumer journeys, micro-moments and how Exit Bee uses this information to make valuable decisions and target consumers effectively when they are disengaged.

As a start-up, Exit Bee has a lot of room to grow. They’re working on an exciting programmatic road map meaning soon they’ll be able to start programmatically. They are also always continually looking at audience infinities, journeys, and how users behave and engage, figuring out these audiences in a private, respectful way to deliver better experiences whether they’re onsite or ads.

To find out more about Exit Bee, visit their website: https://www.exitbee.com/.

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