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Our Q4 Job Market Report has landed, and what a year 2023 was!One stand-out specialism for u...

By Eda Osman

Marketing Manager

Our Q4 Job Market Report has landed, and what a year 2023 was!

One stand-out specialism for us was eCommerce - let's talk about it.

Job Flow

In terms of traditional eCommerce hires in the DTC Market (across online trading & merchandising etc.) job flow remained steady but did not show any notable increase. However, with the continued expansion of online retail (which seemed to be exacerbated through Covid), both DTC brands and Agencies have increasingly sought talented individuals in this space - this has been particularly apparent for Amazon & Marketplace specialists (primarily across activation channels, but also account management). 

We have seen the large Network Agencies not only building out their current eCommerce offering, but creating brand new & specific eCommerce specialist agencies within their umbrellas, in addition to acquiring smaller, independent Amazon Agencies. 

DTC brands have also been building out their Marketplace expertise where before there was none, but due to naturally requiring smaller teams, we are currently seeing most demand Agency side, to meet their clients increasing demand for Amazon & Retail Media activity.

Overall, the eCommerce job market in Q4 2023 reflected a dynamic landscape driven by innovation and ever evolving consumer preferences.

eCommerce role salaries have decreased by 29% from since Q4. However when comparing to Q4 vs. Q3, this came down to 4%

The number of new eCommerce vacancies increased significantly by 317% over the last yearThe reason for this is due to the types of jobs within eCommerce that we are seeing come through. Where previous years we have focused more on DTC brands with higher paying eCommerce roles, 2023 saw an influx of lower level agency roles 

Have questions or looking to hire in eCommerce? Reach out to ellie@spherelondon.co.uk to find out more!

Read the full Q4 Job Market Report here.

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