An interactive PDF

Why should you use an interactive PDF?

I thought today I'd have a chat about PDF portfolios, something I get asked a lot about. I spent this week meeting candidates and, in particular, I met someone with an awesome interactive PDF. He showed me how to do it, and you can follow along to thanks to these tips...

# 1 Avoid clutter

No one wants (or frankly has the time) to sift through 30 pages of your portfolio. Using an interactive PDF, where you can click through images instead of adding pages. Using an interactive portfolio will add value but save time.

Example of an interactive PDF portfolio

# 2 Stand Out

We see more candidates using animation, integrated videos and GIFs and from experience, these do a lot better with hiring managers. We want to be engaged with your work and excited to flip through every page.

                          Interactive design portfolio PDF           

# 3 Show you care 

It might take a little longer, but presentation is key and, in a market, where 100’s are applying for roles, make sure you’re putting in the work to show off what you can do.

Working on Adobe InDesign to create an interactive PDF

Here’s how to achieve an interactive portfolio, an Indesign tutorial on how to make an ePUB presentation:

What do you guys think? I’d love to know your tips/experiences.

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