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Network vs Independent Agencies – Who wins?

Whether you're team Network, pro Independent, or are clueless as to the difference, here’s a breakdown of what I’ve learnt during my time hiring for both Network and Independent Agencies...

Network Agency 

pros and cons of network agencies

Independent Agency 

pros and cons of independent agencies

Whatever you chose, there will be pros and cons but we can help you find what's right for you! 

Individual agencies within networks will all still have their own culture, values and ways of working that are different from the broader network. Don't be put off by what agencies are categorised as (dig a bit deeper!).

Find out about the team and the role. What works for your personality might not match your assumptions about independent agencies versus network agencies. 

And finally, what do you want from your career? Solid role, clear path of progression, your impact on the business, being hands-on or stuck in... Whatever that might be, give me a call so we can open up opportunities for you! 

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