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Most in-demand skills to learn during lock-down

Earlier this year we reviewed the 10 skills you'll need in 2020. A lot might have changed since then and whether your situation allows for it, you may be thinking about how to make the most of your new-found time at home? 

Here's a quick run-through of the World Economic Forum report on The Future of Jobs which revealed the top 10 skills you’ll need in 2020:

10. Cognitive Flexibility
9. Negotiation
8. Service Orientation
7. Judgment & Decision Making
6. Emotional Intelligence
5. Coordinating with others
4. People Management
3. Creativity
2. Critical Thinking
1. Complex Problem-Solving

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How are you upskilling during the lockdown? 

Here are some of our recommended resources to reach your goals and future-proof your career. The more of these skills you can arm yourself with, the more valued and employable you’ll be. 







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