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The Best Free Online Resources To Upskill in the Digital Sector

Almost half (49%) of respondents from a recent Linkedin study* said they plan to increase the time they're spending on online learning in the next two weeks.

When asked what they want this learning to help them accomplish, nearly half said they wanted to progress in their career path, while 47% said they wanted to learn something interesting that's unrelated to their line of work. A further 32% said their aim was to improve their emotional well-being, while 30% said they wanted to contribute to society and help others.

More than half of those at director level or above said they planned to take part in more online learning in the next two weeks, with 20% of these expressing interest in boosting their leadership skills. 

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We have scanned the internet and collated the best free resources and courses to upskill during the pandemic. 
To download a PDF of these resources to send to your team, friends, or colleagues, please click this link HERE 
Technology: Coding, Machine Learning & Analytics: 


Online Marketing:


Leadership, well-being and soft-skills:


Other Free Resources


*Report from Linkedin

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