Office politics

Our Kingsway office has truly been such an amazing place to work throughout my two years at Sphere, even with the standard office politics such as room temperature and questionable music choices(!)... 

Being in a sales role such as recruitment, it is important to be in an environment where you can bounce off each other and feel the buzz of everyone working hard around you - this is certainly how I felt in our Kingsway office. Looking forward to coming into the office every day to be in such a thriving and fun atmosphere is not something you find everywhere, and that is what has made my time so far at Sphere, so great.  

Two years on, still get a little nervous to announce my latest placement but the whole office congratulates you and it’s these little things that make your job that bit more rewarding! 

Having such an open space and being able to go chat to another colleague on a different team when you have questions or are looking for advice is what has created such great morale in the office, and is how we work so well and collaboratively as a business.  

We have had a lot of fun times at Kingsway, from our charity cake sales and wellbeing days, to our end of week meetings where we come together and celebrate our successes over a glass of prosecco and some Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations! 

As we move into our new office, I look forward to the culture we created at Kingsway following us to our brand-new space and I can’t wait to create more amazing memories. 

Amrita Bhogal
Senior Consultant – Marketing

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